The ‘mixed techniques’ formula


The exhibited artworks have been realised using mineral matters which are very similar to “pâte de verre” in its pre-firing state. Some of them have been fired at a very high temperature, causing the pastes to fuse.
Colours have been obtained through the use of natural soils from the Luberon, combined with metallic oxides, silver, gold, copper, tin, and the use of glass, metal, wood, ropes and sails.
The picture’s backgrounds have been constructed in a single operation, with a short time for inclusion and a short time for fitting.
My hands transform matter according to what my spirit seeks to radiate. They play with the materials on the canvas, until gradually a place, form, colour and energy is found for each of them. Everyday a little bit of matter is transformed into light. This is when I feel all the peace, harmony and balance emanate from my work.