Creative process

Démarche artistique d'Isabelle Denniel

Why art?
Art fills me with joy and lightness. Colour gives a soul to form and matter. Art is a way for me to transcend my interior requirement, this vital need to express a kind of absolute, uniting spirit to matter.
What does art bring you?
Freedom! Art brings me a radiant freedom, which I have used to build myself day after day, and it is this freedom which I try to communicate to the viewer through my work.
When I am creating, my hand interprets my thought, it interprets this source of inspiration located beyond the mental, beyond form. And suddenly the canvas becomes a container, a sacred place where colour gives resonance, balance and meaning to form.
What is your ultimate goal?
The blank canvas! As Itten writes: “White contains all possibilities, silence preceding birth, and black confines them, silence following death”. Also, to quote Lao-Tseu: “Try and find again with all your energy the essential unity between matter and spirit”.